Our three- and four-year-old kindergarten programs are led by bachelor qualified early childhood teachers.

We offer 15 hours of funded kindergarten across both age groups, with additional care included before and after sessions.

We believe that kindergarten is a place where your child’s learning and curiosity will be encouraged through exploring the natural world, being exposed to new ideas and problem solving. We provide a safe space for them to be themselves, learn to work with others and form friendships.

You will see a lot of play based learning in our environments. It is important to note that play based learning is so much for than just ‘Play’.

Play is how children learn, it is how they grow, it is how they self-discover, and build their cognitive understanding of concepts.

Play based learning is not without intentional teaching practice, we still have project work periods within the routine, structured group times, and clear expectations of the children.

The benefits of Play Based Learning include:

  • Authentic learning contexts which promote a strong cognitive connection to the learning occurring.
  • Allows children to test theories, hypothesis, revise and accept new challenges.
  • Prolongs the engagement of children.
  • Opportunities to build on their language and social skills, through natural occurrences of learning through play.
  • Promotes children to explore, investigate and discover their world which supports problem solving skills, resilience, brain functioning, memory skills and to build a strong sense of identity and self-worth.

Incursions, excursions, and community-based visits are also an important part of our kindergarten program.

Our Kindergarten Rooms:

  • Yellow Gum                    4 year old kindergarten
  • Manna Gum                   3 year old kindergarten

Pipsqueaks Lara is a registered childcare and early learning centre provider, enabling eligible families to access Government rebates relating to the childcare subsidy. For further information and to access the childcare subsidy calculator visit the Department of Human Services information service.